Tuesday, July 16, 2013

CO2 incubators - Creates Ideal Environment for Tissue Culture

CO2 or Carbon dioxide incubators are mostly used to control variables like temperature, CO2 for maintaining the right pH levels, and humidity, all of which affect cell growth during the process of cell culture. CO2 Incubator, manufactured by SM Scientific Instruments Pvt. Ltd., provides perfectly stabilized and sterilized environment for Cell Culture and study of temperature/CO2 on human tissues.

The advance Co2 incubator incorporates SS 304 Construction and Copper enriched stainless steel alloy interior surfaces to eliminate contamination sources, mitigate the effects of airborne contaminants introduced through normal use and provides high degree of Germicidal Protection. Direct Heat/Air Jacketed Heating System is used in these co2 incubators which surrounds the inner chamber walls combined with natural convection airflow and radiate wall heat through thermal conduction. This helps achieve accurate, uniform and highly responsive temperature control within the chamber.

You have option to integrate Ultra Protection System to these Co2 incubators. The programmable Ultraviolet Lamp is isolated from cell cultures, that sterilizes conditioned air and humidity water reservoir to avoid contamination without disturbing cell cultures in vitro. 

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Automatic Tissue Processor makes Tissue Processing Convenient

The basic purpose of Tissue Processing is to remove water from tissues and replace with a medium that solidifies to allow thin sections to be cut. 

Biological tissue must be supported in a hard matrix to allow sufficiently thin sections to be cut, typically 5 μm or even lesser. For light microscopy, paraffin wax is most frequently used. Since it is immersible with water, the main constituent of biological tissue, water must first be removed in the process of dehydration.

The tissue samples are transferred through baths of progressively more concentrated ethanol so as to remove the water. This is followed by a hydrophobic clearing agent such as xylene to remove the alcohol, and finally molten paraffin wax in hot wax baths, the infiltration agent, which replaces the xylene. 

Gentle specimen processing and a high level of specimen safety at all stages of the processing are supported by the robust & ergonomic design based on precise mechanics in conjunction with a modern user interface having bright touch screen to display all the parameters at a glance.

Automatic Tissue Processor manufactured by SM Scientific Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is a compact and sturdy instrument designed with latest technology for complete automatic dehydration and filtration of human, animal and plant's tissues.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Welcome to S.M. Scientific Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

Since 1971, S.M. Scientific Instruments Pvt. Ltd. has been offering high quality medical and hospital equipment to Indian and International market. The company enjoys its leadership role in sectors like Bed Weighing Machine, Histopathology Equipment, Mortuary Equipment, Clean Air Equipment, Blood Bank Equipment, Sterilization Equipment, Ultra Low Temperature and Heating & Environment Control Equipment. 

The company has its own state-of-the-art facilities for research, develop, design & production of all the products. The well trained and professional team strives to develop and produce world-class equipment. The company has ISO 9001:2008 certification and also follow national and international standards like ISI, UL, and CE etc for our instruments. We have developed a quality management system of our own to provide the best quality product to our clients. Our dedication to quality is unparalleled and we are committed to set new standards to provide world-class quality products.

SM Scientific Instruments Pvt. Ltd. also undertake private lable manufacturing for Indian and International companies.